Homemade luxury Lavender Bath Bomb.


~With real Lavender essential oils~


Relax and unwind with our Lavender bath bombs. Perfect after a long day.


To use simply run a bath with warm – hot water. Being careful that the water is not too hot. No need for added bubbles, bath oils or other bath additives.

Drop the bomb into the water and let the bomb fizz away. For extra bubbles we recommend adding the bomb into the water while the tap is still running.

The bomb should float and create bubbles on the water’s surface. Releasing essential oils into the water along with muscle relaxing Epsom salts and moisturising coconut oil.

The lavender oil will scent you bath room and its natural ability to de stress and relax you should get to work.

The Epsom salts will help relax you muscles and the coconut oil will moisturise you skin.

If you have chosen to have a coloured bomb. The water will turn purple or light purple. If you have chosen flowers in your bomb. These will be released into the water.

We recommend removing these flowers before draining your bath. Although these flowers are natural and 100% bio-degradable. It best they’re removed to avoid blockages.


Why not create a tranquil atmosphere with our Lavender Soy wax candles. Or try a Lavender Goats milk soap and our Sleepy Mist for that extra relaxing bed time routine


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